2011 m. spalio 3 d., pirmadienis

Smulkmena Nr. 72- Cuz we're incredible ♥

Yes, we're superwomens with unreal smile. We can die from laugh and long talks... We adorons big cups of coffee an some delicious large cookies and pies. We just perfect for each other...
Sometimes we just sit on the sofa with big cups of tea and 'milka' chocolate. And then we're talking... A lot of. About everything. Friends, family, moments of life, our dreams, sometimes we talk about such silly things, but it's wonderful, because we're together ♥
In the weekends we usually go out. Together we walked around all Vilnius! It's so cool to walk and laugh, live with her. And it's... Just... Friendship. Most wonderful in this world. Love you, G.  

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